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iKommunicate brings the "Internet of Things" to boats…


iKommunicate from Digital Yacht is a new gateway designed to get traditional marine electronics connected to the next generation of interfacing and the internet of things.  It was developed via a successful Kickstarter crowd funded project back in early 2016 and is now available as a consumer product.

NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 interfacing have been utilised for many years and are now the de facto interconnect standard for all major brands of electronics.  They are super reliable but relatively old fashioned in that they are slow and also complex for application developers to work with – like a dial up modem in a broadband age.  There are also legal issues with regard to certification and documentation which stalls innovative product development.  The next generation of marine interfacing will integrate more items like engines, switches, sensors and even other marine assets like buoys and marinas so a new standard is required.

Since 2012, a group of talented, boat owning developers have been actively creating a new open source interfacing protocol called Signal K.  The new iKommunicate gateway from Digital Yacht acts as a gateway from traditional NMEA based systems to the new Signal K platform allowing existing boat electronics to integrate with the next generation of connectivity.

Signal K is an HTML5 "web ready" JSON based data format, that makes web and mobile app development really simple – even for amateurs.  Apps can be written in minutes and data viewed in a browser.  For instance, NMEA 2000 engine data such as fuel flow, temperature and pressure could be logged and then analysed for any trends indicating an engine service requirement.  Internet integration is also easy with all sorts of social media possibilities using Twitter and Facebook for logging and tracking.

iKommunicate  can also act as a simple on board  webserver so PDF manuals can be stored and viewed as required. Files can be stored on the integrated SD card reader.

iKommunicate  features 3 NMEA 0183 interfaces and 1 NMEA 2000 interface so there’s plenty of connectivity.  It has a built in webserver and ethernet port for easy connection to a wifi router so data can be shared with devices like tablets, Kindles, PCs and smart phones.  NMEA data is also made available on the ethernet port.  There are already many apps that are compatible including NMEA Remote, iNavX, Active Captain, and Navionics (for sonar charts)

iKommunicate  is also simple to install. It’s now available as a commercial product and is competitively priced at £220.


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Signal K….


In what looks like an industry first, Digital Yacht have taken to the crowd funding platform, Kickstarter, to introduce a new interfacing technology for the marine electronics market. NMEA iconnectivity has been with us for the past 30 odd years and while reliable, well proven and ubiquitous, it struggles to adequately support smart devices and smart data and in particular the next generation of the internet of things afloat. There are also some legal issues in that products and apps must be certified which is costly and stifles the smaller application developers. 

However, things are changing with

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The SOS Distress Light is the first and only acceptable LED Visual Distress Signal Device to completely replace dangerous and environmentally harmful pyrotechnic flares for "Night time Visual Distress Signal for Boats."

In the US the Coast Guard-Compliant Orange Distress Flag fulfils the legal requirement for "Day Visual Distress Signal for Boats" (46 CFR 160.072).

The optical design of the Sirius SOS Distress Light provides an Omni- directional light display for surface rescue craft and a vertical beam visible to aircraft flying overhead.

The light is visible up to 10+

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Keeping Track of Everything–part 3 …

Jeff Seigel, founder of ActiveCaptain, writes…

This series has generated a lot of interest so we’ll pick up the pace and continue with it. After today’s newsletter, there’ll be one more segment and then we’ll provide templates for all of the databases. We’ve been in contact with the HanDBase developers and they’ll host the templates on their own website so boaters everywhere can use them as a starting point.

If this is the first time you’re seeing this series, you might want to refer back to the index of newsletters to see the other segments.

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Jump start your engine or genset with Lithium-ion ?…


WEEGO have produced a jump start battery that fits in your pocket !.. Weego, an innovator in portable battery solutions, announced the launch of its Weego Jump Starter Battery+ for the marine market. A compact and portable jump starter, the Jump Starter Battery+ eliminates the worry and fear of a dead battery, for as little as $99.00.

“Dead batteries at best ruin your day and at worst put you in a tight spot,” said Gerry Toscani, CEO, Weego. “Our small, high-powered Weego Jump Starters are perfect for boaters. Lithium-ion

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