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Well done Coppercoat !

I had Coppercoat on my Moody 44 “Enterprise” and I can vouch for its effectiveness. After over 5000nm including 3 Biscay crossings and the Atlantic, when I lfinally lifted the boat in Trinidad I had to ask the boat yard to use a normal hose instead of a jet wash … there was just the faintest slim …absolutely amazing.

The announcement today is that when the 2017-2018 Clipper boats were finally lifted out after 40,000nm of racing and 16 months of continual immersion, the Coppercoat on their hulls revealed almost no loss of coating thickness. Barring the faintest trace of slime at the waterline in some parts, the hulls were virtually spotless.
To see a video of a hull on liftout before cleaning click here.

This enormously successful outcome understandably delighted us, the crews and the race organisers in equal measure,” says Coppercoat Director Ewan Clark, “and we are reviewing our partnership with Clipper for the 2019-2020 event. Look no further for a clear vindication of Coppercoat’s efficiency and longevity.”

So well did the Coppercoat antifoul perform in the 2017-2018 race that, for the first time in the Clipper’s 22-year history, the boats did not need to be lifted out at the race’s halfway mark in Sydney. As every boat owner is all too painfully aware, lifting out vessels to clean off old antifoul and apply a new coat can be a slow and costly business, so Coppercoat’s matchless resilience meant substantial savings in time and money for Clipper Race organisers and crews alike.

Such positive feedback contrasts markedly with recent testimony received from sailors involved in other global circumnavigations, who reported that rival coatings used on their boat hulls only lasted for less than six months. Even by this point, barnacle growth on hulls was so advanced that it was estimated to be responsible for a 0.5 to 1 knot reduction in boat speed for every hour sailed.

“How the yachts perform is critical, not only to racing success but also to the planning and logistics of a race on this scale,” observes Clipper Race Director, Mark Light. “Coppercoat has surpassed our expectations, and as our preparations commence for the 2019-20 edition we have every confidence that the antifoul will allow superb performance of our race yachts for many circumnavigations to come.


New Type of Class B+ AIS Transponders at METS 2018

The UK based company Digital Yacht will introduce a new range of Class B+ AIS transponders at METS 2018.

Class B+ is a new AIS standard. This is performance similar to Class A transponder but for non mandated users. This new standard is ideal for ocean sailors requiring the best possible performance and future proof satellite tracking applications, fast power boats and smaller non-mandated commercial vessels. It still inter-operates with existing Class A and Class B systems.

It utilises SOTDMA format transmissions which offer a 5W power output (2.5x more powerful than a regular Class B) A guaranteed

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Panoptix LiveScope …Down and Forward Sonar

Garmin have released their new Panoptix LiveScope. This is the most amazing sonar technology ever. This is a downward and forward scanning sonar. You can actually see easy-to-interpret live scanning sonar images of fish swimming under the boat.

The Panoptix LiveScope scanning sonar system includes a compact GLS 10 sonar black box with LVS32 transducer and retails for around £1,800


Preventing electrical failures…

How many of you have these terminal block connectors on board ?..

How many times have I seen so called professional marine electricians using this type of terminal block….Pitiful isn’t it !

There are so many type of electrical connector – all claiming to be for marine use ….


The ML-XT Sealed Connection System by Molex claims to be the best sealed system in the market today, preventing electrical failures in critical wiring applications. Premium grade liquid silicone rubber (LSR) material ensures the ML-XT connector system meets

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Power Line Instruction (PLI)

Lumitec is a product development company focused on the conceptualization, development, and manufacture of extreme environment LED lighting. Their research and development facility located in Delray Beach, Florida has come up with an innovative, proprietary communication protocol called Power Line Instruction (PLI).

Power Line Instruction (PLI) is used to send control/configuration instructions to Lumitec luminaires over the standard power wires.

These instructions control the luminaire’s inherent behaviour. The protocol is executed over the basic 2-wire Powerline connections to the luminaire.

Behaviours such as brightness, color, color mixing, flashing sequences are some examples of control instructions. Luminaires can

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