Marine Charts for Google Earth !

Fantastic aerial views of marine charts on to Google Earth!

Check out EartNC limited to North America at the moment:-(


EarthNC for Google Earth is the first ever integration of NOAA ENCs, marine weather and real-time positioning data directly into the Google Earth platform. EarthNC Marine charts feature full-integrated Google Earth renderings of over 600 official NOAA and 70 U.S. Army Corps of Engineering ENC charts.


Sailors now see satellite images of sailing areas with links to :

  • bathymetric data
  • AIS data
  • Weather data
  • Navigation aids
  • Tide data
  • National radar

They even claim that with a laptop running Google Earth and a low-cost GPS receiver, you can use EarthNC as a real-time chart plotter.!!

What a shame they havent got the UK and Europe covered – lets hope the do a deal with the authorities here too.


4 thoughts on “Marine Charts for Google Earth !

  1. Thanks for the nice write-up. We are working to license European and other international chart data as well as add AIS and weather coverage for additional areas.

    – Virgil
    Founder, EarthNC

  2. Ooh I dunno – Google Earth has some pretty nasty mistakes in it, I wouldn’t want to rely on it for navigation. However a nice idea if the imagery can be reliably synced with the authoritative charts themselves.

    What about away from the coast? Google just ends and has generic “blue”, but it would be very cool if the bottom could be seen, artificially I mean, with the color of water changing with the depth.

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