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How big an alternator do you need ?

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1 comment to How big an alternator do you need ?

  • wackyracer

    The question is how big an alternator…surely this depends on the rate and amount of discharge of the batteries – which differs from owner to owner.

    Normally a saling boat (unlike a car) will deeply dicharge its batteries so the alternator must be big enough to recharge as quickly as possible on the basis that a sailor wants to run the engine as little as possible.

    A battery that is 50% discharged will will accept a rate of charge 25% higher than its rated capacity ie. a 200Ah battery will accept charge of 50amps. But as the battery comes up to charge the acceptance rate declines.

    By the time the battery is up tp 70% of full charge its acceptance rate will be down to 10/15% of its rated capaciy.

    The battery will begin to heat up an gas if the charger continues to run at the same rate…

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