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Routing 3 of 7: Data Inputs (wind, pressure, tide, streams, wave heights etc..)

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4 comments to Routing 3 of 7 :Data Inputs (wind, pressure, tide, streams, wave heights etc..)

  • This has been some of the best writing on this subject I have ever seen. Thanks for the articles – looking forward to what’s coming next.

  • polarnavy


    Looks like we are your WordPress neighbors here. It's great to see PolarView screen shot in your article, but looks like you do not mention us in the text. PolarView GRIB capabilities just got an upgrade – we support higher density GFS, precipitation and RTOFS Atlantic ocean currents. It would be great if you could take a look at our new version and, perhaps, spare a link to our site. As a small upstart company we can use all the publicity we get!

    • Hello PolarNavy – sorry for not giving you a link – my fault for rushing and getting swamped with information. I have tried to make amends by listing you in my latest post. I think you have great software and it is on my personal list to check out on "Enterprise".

      • polarnavy

        Thank you much! A mention of our product is always appreciated!
        One note – PolarCOM receives and understands AIS, but it has no means to display AIS by itself (it will instead communicate AIS targets to PolarView NS). PolarCOM does have AIS alarm built in, so it will alarm you based on proximity of other vessels (and will show where the other vessel is in the log message).

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