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Raymarine RC400 – Pros and Cons

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10 comments to Raymarine RC400 – Pros and Cons

  • marine gps chart plotter

    marine gps chart plotter…

    The built in proximity alert system lets you set alarms when you get close to these areas. That allows you to avoid the headaches that might come from traffic or speeding through a school zone….

  • boating forum

    thanks for the useful review which will help me decide which product to get



  • Charger

    Thanks for the review. I know it’s a couple of years old now but I’m researching this type of product as part of my business so still very helpful.

  • Rick Norman

    Does anyone know how to reset the unit. I do not have the manual. and stops on the home screen during boot up.

    • Resetting the System
      Three types of reset are available for the Chartplotter:
      • Power-On Reset: When you turn the display unit off, then on again,
      the screen reverts to the chart display with all windows cleared.
      • Hardware Reset: This procedure enacts a power-on reset if the unit
      has entered a lock-up condition.
      To perform a hardware reset, press and hold the POWER key for 9
      • Factory Reset: This resets all values back to their original factory
      settings. The factory default settings are listed in Chapter 4.
      Note: Take care–factory reset clears all Waypoint and Route databases.
      To perform a factory reset:
      1. Power off the unit.
      2. Press and hold CLEAR while powering up until is displayed.
      3. Either press CLEAR to abort Factory Reset and resume normal
      Power-Up or press ENTER to continue Factory Reset.
      4. Press ENTER again; the unit restarts as for a first time Power Up
      with all values reset to their original factory settings.

  • RIck Norman

    i tried the various resets. still stops on the raymarine home screen during boot up? any ideas.


    chartplotters by raymarine. Globe.

    Always stops on this screen.

    • Rick

      Then the only thing left is the power source (other than canning it!)

      On page 12 of the manual you will see the following advice about batteries.

      “….When used portably, the RC400 can be powered by the supplied four (4)
      Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) batteries or with four (4) AA alkaline cells
      (not supplied), using the supplied Battery Tray.
      Note: The RC400 was designed to be used with all Ni-MH or all alkaline
      battery cells only. Do not mix or use any other battery types.
      ? To install batteries:
      1. Remove the battery tray as shown in Figure 2-2 .
      2. Locate the Battery Type switch on the inside of the chartplotter adjacent
      to the chart card (if already installed) and turn to the appropriate
      position: ALKALINE or RECHARGEABLE….”

      First make sure the battery type switch is set correctly:-)

      Secondly, I only use rechargeable NimH batteries AND I highly recommend uprating them to 4 x AA 2500mAh Ni-MH rechargeable batteries.
      See my posting here on the subject of batteries for portable items

      I do hope this helps :-/

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  • battery chargers that are made in china are a bit under rated so i don’t use them anymore”‘:

  • Steve Bingham

    My rc400 has just started freezing up on globe logo screen on startup.
    Tried all of above. Looks like a bin job
    Unless anybody has other idea.
    Can run all the test sequences via page startup but still freezes.

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