How to tidy up that wiring !

This little box from PAS-Thru Products Inc of Florida is a very neat solution to the tangle that I see on many DIY boat installations – including mine try as I might to keep it clean and simple.


There are three pairs of clip in connectors and jumper between each pair on each of 14 rows.

This means that you can simply strip a wire and slip it into the spring connectors just like a HiFi speaker connection.

You can also connect any one input to up to 5 other devices.

Plus – its all neat and tidy inside the box!


Pass-thruOn top of this simple box the people at PAS-Thru also provide a nice spreadsheet that you can download to document what connects to what…this spreadsheet is worth using on your installation in any case even of you dont use the PAS-Thru box.


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