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Getting a Polar Diagram for your boat…

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20 comments to Getting a Polar Diagram for your boat…

  • Herman Caron

    Hi Russ, after surfing the internet for 5 hours I just found your article and link to create a polar diagram. I sail on a Beneteau 375 in The Netherlands and want to check the polars that we received via another source. Thanks for that tip!

  • Leon Majewski

    Has anyone obtained a polar diagram from their manufacture co. I would think this app. would be of great value in the hull design.We own a Dufour Classic 36 2001. You would think someone out there would offer this service. ????? Would appreciate any help.


  • Aljaz

    I found a Polar for your boat (Beneteau 375) Here it is:

    6,0 kn 8,0 kn 10,0 kn 12,0 kn 14,0 kn 16,0 kn 20,0 kn
    52,0 ° 5,20 kn 6,20 kn 6,60 kn 6,80 kn 7,00 kn 7,10 kn 7,10 kn
    60,0 ° 5,60 kn 6,50 kn 6,90 kn 7,10 kn 7,20 kn 7,30 kn 7,40 kn
    75,0 ° 6,00 kn 6,70 kn 7,10 kn 7,40 kn 7,60 kn 7,70 kn 7,80 kn
    90,0 ° 6,20 kn 6,90 kn 7,20 kn 7,40 kn 7,70 kn 7,90 kn 8,10 kn
    110,0 ° 6,20 kn 7,00 kn 7,40 kn 7,70 kn 7,90 kn 8,10 kn 8,40 kn
    120,0 ° 5,80 kn 6,80 kn 7,30 kn 7,70 kn 8,00 kn 8,30 kn 8,70 kn
    135,0 ° 5,10 kn 6,30 kn 7,00 kn 7,40 kn 7,80 kn 8,20 kn 8,90 kn
    150,0 ° 4,20 kn 5,40 kn 6,30 kn 6,90 kn 7,40 kn 7,80 kn 8,50 kn

  • Dustin Carlsson

    Hello Great site you have.

    Do you have a polar chart and diagram for Farr 520 (Farr design no. 444M2 ((2002))

    thanks for you help

    Dustin Carlsson

  • Hi Dustin

    Sorry – you will have to look up the links on my blog – or do your own 🙂

    Happy hunting

    Kind regards

  • Bill Lyons

    I tried to use the link to get to polar designer, but it did not come up. Any chance they changed the url? If not do you know of any other sources for reating polars.

    Thanks alot!

  • Hi Bill

    I can see that that link is now dead !

    I have posted a new link here http://www.altendorff.co.uk/archives/2390

    Perhaps you could try this neat little app called iRegatta….

    All the best

  • Finn Møller Christensen

    There's a lot of polars here: http://jieter.github.io/orc-data/site/

    Cheers Bimmer

  • BOA Smith

    Hi there, I'm looking for a polar for a 1985 Irwin Citation (Shoal draft).  I tried the site but I'm having trouble accesing it.  Is one available?  Thank you in adance for your time. 


  • BOA Smith

    Hi there I'm looking for a polar for a 1985 Irwin Citation (Shoal draft).  I tried the site but I'm having trouble accesing it.  Is one available.  Thank you in advance for your time.  This is being reposted due to an email address error. 


  • Giuseppe

    Dear all,

    I'm searching for a polar curves file for the boat sun odyssey 37.1..

    Can you help me?

    Many many thanks in advance..



  • Floyd

    Hi there I am searching for a polar diagram for the Hunter 35.5

    Thanks Floyd

  • David Gross

    Looking for a polar chart for a Corsair trimaran 750 mk ll. Thanks

  • Meg

    Looking for the polar diagram for the Xp 38, but with a shoal draft vs standard or deep keel.


  • Marc

    I would love a polar for a Santa Cruz 70. Any ideas? All the links in this post seem dead.

  • Jeff DeMeritt

    Does anyone have a polar diagram for a Nauticat 33 ? I found a 42 here: https://www.freewebs.com/svkarenm/basics.htm and may use it as a start and adjust speed downward by the ratio of square root of wetted lengths. Any thoughts?

  • Sam

    The polar app link is dead. Is there another?


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