There is more to ETA on a sail boat…



The SailTimer GPS was launched in the US recently for around US374 amid a lot of very interesting claims. Having researched the various technologies available for creating your own polar diagram I thought this device was rather innovative in its approach. since it claims to effectively create a polar diagram “on the fly”.

“…This is the first device in the history of sailing that can instantly tell you your optimal tacking angles.  And it can do this by learning the performance (“polar plots”) of your individual boat on different points of sail.  The Sailing GPS uses artificial intelligence to learn your boat’s unique performance with different wind angles, and then recommend the tacking angles that will get you there fastest.  The only SailTimer product that has this learning algorithm is The Sailing GPS…”

Normal GPS units do not account for the fact that sailboats tack to their destination.  If they don’t know how far the distance travelled is, obviously they can’t calculate the ETA properly. The Sailing GPS is the only device in the world that correctly calculates tacking distances, in order to display accurate arrival times and optimal tacking angles (patent pending).

There have been versions of the core SailTimer software used for Google Maps, Windows, Google Earth, iTunes and versions licensed to PC chartplotting programs, such as NavSim SailCruiser and MacENC.

Is this real competition for the top packages listed here that do take into account tacking lay lines and optimal routing? How about combining weather and tidal flow routing with the software algorithm in this device – now that would be clever!

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