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Lasers to measure wind 1000m away…


image Optical Air Data Systems (OADS), LLC, a small, award-winning high-technology business in Manassas, Virginia, is a world leader in the high power fiber-optic laser business with additional expertise in Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR)

The Vindicator® laser wind sensor (LWS) is a forward-looking LIDAR system capable of measuring real-time three-dimensional wind speed and direction data at varying ranges. The sensor design is based on state-of-the-art fiber laser technology developed and patented at Optical Air Data Systems.

Catch the Wind Inc  have licensed the OADS technology and create equipment that enables engineers to optimally align wind turbines in relation to the wind.

Their innovative handheld product – The WindSeeker™ Xtreme LWS can take rapid wind data measurements. The device’s compact design makes it a perfect tool for rapid wind prospecting and initial resource assessment. With its built-in wind profiling mode, it can quickly and simply generate a vertical wind profile at a set distance, giving you a picture of wind conditions at different elevations. You can detect wind sheer and veer conditions in a matter of seconds—wind conditions that could significantly impact the annual performance of a wind farm.

But of interest to sailors is the fact that Catch the Wind Inc have created a handheld version aimed at the luxury sailing market. It was used by BMW Oracle used in the last America’s Cup.

Racer’s Edge® LWS has no moving parts, is water-resistant and functions in a wide range of temperatures.

It also utilizes Bluetooth data transmission to remotely link to an onboard computer and download wind data instantly.

Would it be wonderful if FLIR incorporated this technology in Raymarine equipment at a price we could afford 🙂


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