Updating the C Series firmware v4.25

I have just got round to updating my C120 (all comments here relate to all C-series plotters) and thought I would put in one place all the relevant FAQ’s on the Raymarine site. You will have to have a Raymarine account to see these FAQ’s so register its well worth it.

First download the v4.25 software – product registration is required.

The main instructions for the upgrade process are FAQ 1219 these are comprehensive and accurate and list a variety of other FAQ’s to read on a variety of subjects like which CF card to use and so on..I am not repeating all that here. Instead I am listing some FAQ’s that I think will help you overcome errors that you may encounter – mostly by not following the instructions !

Being in IT I believe I have a healthy scepticism when it comes to “following the instructions”… in other words, I always follow the instructions totally literally… and then when it goes wrong, knowledge, experience and gut instinct kick in and then the real work begins;-)

But I can recommend that you follow the instructions here – totally literally – they work faultlessly… up until almost the last step… step 9.

Here is my advice…..

Step 9. In step 9 you are advised to remove the upgrade CF card – you must remove it.
Step 10. In step 10 you press reboot – DO NOT put your Navionics card back in (as I did – this is how I know!)
Step 10.1 Let the C-Series boot

C120 UpgradeStep 11 Press OK to verify that the software version shown is v4.25. If this does not happen you need
FAQ 1138

Step 12 Wait for the default map to load – in my case a map of the UK
Step 12.1 Now insert the CF card containing the Navionics chart software
Step 12.2 The software is automatically loaded and the boat appears on the chart in the correct location.

Not a major problem – but care needed just at these last few steps.

So well done to the software team at Raymarine – Its wonderful to see how a totally embedded and controlled operating system and proprietary software works so flawlessly….oh well, back to Windows Vista on my laptop now….:-)


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