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3D braille map that talks….


Brainovi The Brainovi is a conceptual portable device designed to assist the visually impaired with navigation.

The unit interprets voice commands from the user and relays navigational information via a touch display and bluetooth headset for spoken directions from the handset.

The touch display uses a pin matrix surface to show roads and buildings in the immediate vicinity (surrounding ten meters) and provides the correct orientation with a built in compass.



The Brainovi was developed by Korean designers Seung-Hyun Yoon, Seol-Hee Son and Ji-Youn Kim, I think this concept device has great promise. They are amongst a number of very innovative Korean designers – see Seung-Hyun Yoon’s wood phone and Ji-Youn Kim’s Mybi Touch too….,

Its going to be interesting to see what innovations come from this corner of the world and how they impact navigation for disabled as well as able bodied sailors in the years to come….


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