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Xmas Gadget List 2010…

Santa It seems that my Xmas gadget gift list is getting more and more popular each year.

You might want to check out the Xmas Gadget List 2009 and
Xmas Gadget List 2008  too – there may still be something that takes your fancy there…

So here is my 2010 list of stuff, some practical, some bizarre and some bizarrely practical 🙂

Why not send this link to your kids and your better half …. 🙂

Solight2 If you’re looking for a small, portable solar powered light that you can stick just about anywhere, now there’s an answer, the solar powered Lightship
apple-iphone-4 Smartphone1 – best seller is the iPhone of course.

I have one and the marine apps are great – including the excellent Navionics chart plotter app.

So much so that using it on board has become a normal if not essential part of my cruising life.

Get the chartplotter app from Navionics

motorola-droid Smartphone2 – what is the best phone to run the Android OS ? – well it depends where you live and how good the local 3G network suppliers are – but definitely get a smartphone running Android 2.2 (at the present time of writing Sep 2010)

The apps are also extensive and there is a Navionics version for Android too.

Get the chartplotter app from Navionics

To choose which phone try the  Droidthing Database

BikeInnerTubeShelf This innovative design from SystemDesignStudio for shelving got me thinking.

It uses bicycle inner tubes to create a shelving system that would of course be able to absorb shocks and keep the book – and other stuff in one place…

What about about other uses for bicycle inner tubes on a boat…what a great idea !

chobi-waterproof_cam The new Waterproof Chobi Camera, ultra compact(the size of a web cam) , multifunctional and pocket sized is one of the most compact digital cameras ever!

This new waterproof version allows you to take 1280 x 960 pix pictures and record video at 680 x 480 pix 30fps, and to endure up to 20m under sea!

Good for peeking under the boat?…

Thanko1 Thanko2 This is a tiny webcam from “Thanko “ – but it uses Wlan (2.4 GHz) to communicate wirelessly with a USB receiver that plugs into your laptop. The manufacturers claim a 10 m range and it has basic video of 320 × 240 pixels (QVGA) with speed at 15 fps.

It comes with a a rechargeable battery – lasts 5 hours – and can be charged using the USB connection on your laptop.


Now this really is cool….

Taiwan company Aiptek announced the PocketCinema Z20 that combines a pico projector and HD camcorder into a palm-size device. The Z20 is capable of recording 1280x720p HD video and 5 Megapixel still images. It has 2GB internal memory but it will support up to 32GB microSD cards.

The PocketCinema Z20 utilizes RGB LED technology and is able to projector images up to 65-inch in 2 meter distance. The pocket device has touch-sensitive backlight buttons and built-in Li-ion battery. It offers HDMI output and accepts composite video input. A remote control is included.

Now just imagine connecting this up to your chartplotter – if it has a composite video output – or to your iPhone using the special cable – and then projecting the output on to your sails…. what do you mean “why?”…. because you can!

Mili Projector On the same theme – The MiLi evolution features an LCoS image processor producing a 640 x 480 VGA image at up to 70 inches. The LED bulb used to project the image will last up to 20000 hours, so no longer will you need to change a bulb again.

The whole package incorporates an Apple adapter dock for your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod Classic, which will even charge your “i” product whilst it is being used.

HandPresso I know its not an electronic gadget but….the Handpresso Wild Outdoor Picnic Set comes in a leatherette case complete with 1 Handpresso Wild, 1 Thermo Flask, 2 napkins and 4 unbreakable outdoor espresso cups.

The flask uses E.S.E. (Easy Serve Espresso) pods, which come in a variety of types of coffee. “Handpresso produces a ‘vintage’ coffee with a delicious aroma and a perfect crema.” All you need is hot water. Simply pump the machine to the required pressure (about 30-40 pumps), add hot water, then put in the E.S.E. pod.

Push the button, and “Bobs your Uncle”! You have a rich-tasting espresso with a delightful aroma and a perfect crema

GridIt As a fellow geek I am sure you are taking more and more “stuff” on and off the boat and trying to hold it down somehow while you are are sailing. T

his Grid-It system from Cocoon Innovation is just the job.


If you have wished you could mount boating accessories and electronics wherever you want them without drilling yet another hole. Then have a look at the SeaSucker site.

These are not just standard suckers. The vacuum pump system creates such a powerful seal, the 6? mount is able to hold up to 210 lbs. (the standard 4.5? cup holds up to 120 lbs). Sea Sucker also has a built-in safety feature: if the vacuum seal happens to weaken, a red line will appear in the valve. If you see red, just give it a few pumps and the vacuum returns to full strength – without ever having to remove or reset the mount.

Mount rod holders, dive tanks, marine electronics, drink holders, grab rails, cutting tables, coolers – pretty much anything, and without leaving a mark when you remove it…


Ever had your cell phone take an unexpected swim in the marina?…

The Bheestie Bag  is designed to dry out a wet cell phone, digital camera, iPod, headphone set, or any small electronic device — even if it’s been fully submerged.

Invented by two frustrated moms/sisters (after watching a sad little boy pull his Gameboy from a pond), the innovative silver pouch contains an interior bead packet that pulls moisture from the device. Simply drop the device in the bag, zip the top and let it absorb the moitsure. You can use the bag regularly to dry out everyday moisture caused by rain, sea spray, humidity, sweat, even tears….


Amazon Dioder…These are low cost lighting options if you want to use LED lighting in your boat. The LED has 30 times longer life than an incandescent bulb, consumes less energy and never has to be replaced. It can be used in small spaces, like inside a cabinet or along a row of cabinets above a counter top and you can switch it to show red light too for night time. They can be connected together (up to 4 pieces) in a straight line or L-shape. There is similar product from IKEA here – but I have shown the Amazon version in the picture because it seems to be a more comprehensive kit, and it comes with a remote control !

Husky Wet Dry This handy little Wet and Dry vacuum has many uses on the boat not just for standard cleaning jobs but for getting that last drop of water out of the bilge – or out of the fridge/cool box – as a backup bilge pump – as a nut and screw retriever when you drop that vital connection under the engine !

It has a 1.75 Peak hp, 4.0 amp motor. Converts into a blower to clear debris. Dent resistant plastic tank. 10 ft. Power cord. 4 ft. Hose with multi purpose nozzle and utility nozzle.

It can be found at HomeDepot and many other places


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