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More gadgets…

Its funny what a response I get to my Xmas Gadget List from all over the place …one of the most useful products that was sent to me by a blogger was the Big Kahuna Shower.

bkimage• 6 or 13 Gallons
• Shower Hose: Long Coiled Hose
• Variable Pressure Controlled Shower Head
• Hose, Container, & Lid Absorb UV To Warm Water
• Easy To Operate – Patented Water Tight Lid
• 12-Volt , Submersible Pump
• Includes 12-Volt Accessory Plug



For those of us that dont have ultra modern yachts with shower fittings in the cockpit or on a sugar scoop stern – this is a really handy device. Of course the 13 gallon version weighs about 78lbs so you have to watch your back. But it comes in handy for all sorts of jobs around the boat – not least of which is passifying HWMBO if you dare to bring a fish you have just caught on board for lunch!


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