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Sunsei Solar Panels

The Sunsei range of solar panel chargers seem to be attracting a few fans recently.

These are good value for money and reasonably weather proof too. You can use them inside and they willSunsei135 take a charge from sunlight coming through a window but if you do leave the panel on the coach roof or anywhere outside put a bead of clear silicone gel around the edges of the solar plate and connector. Mounts virtually anywhere, suction cups included (no extra mounting devices needed)

All Sunsei solar panels in the SE135 / SE-400 / SE1200 range are equipped with a built-in diode, which prevents any reverse current so they cannot perversely drain your batteries. Touch-action indicator lets you know your panel is charging

  • Sunsei SE 135 = 135mA /2w (can connect direct to the battery – no controller required)
  • Sunsei SE400 = 400mA / 6w (can connect direct to the battery – no controller required)
  • Sunsei SE1200 = 1200mA / 18w (needs separate charge controller before connecting to the battery)

Sunsei bracketWhat do you get in the box :-Sunsei controller

  • 1 cigarette lighter adapter
  • 1 battery clamp connector
  • 1 set suction cups
    10 year power warranty

With the compelling need to reduce our consumption of normal power sources that depend on fossil fuels it is a good idea to do your bit by not plugging in at the marina and becoming a little more self sufficient when it comes to keeping your batteries charged.


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