Combined VHF/GMRS + automatic “Rewind” of last transmission

This new handheld MR HH425LI VHF from Cobra looks very interesting especially if you live in North America or Canada and need to use GMRS as well as a marine VHF. GMRS and FRS are for personal and family use in the USA and Canada. FRS is normally a 0.5W transmission by the way, and requires no FCC license – but this unit will require a license because it is capable of transmitting up to 5W.

Cobra rew1But for all of us poor saps that live in the UK, I like the “”Rewind” feature which I haven’t seen on any other handheld. This means that the last 20 secs of any inbound transmission is automatically recorded – what a great idea for all those times when the CD/MP3 player is wacking our those golden rock oldies from the 70’s, or when the engine noise is drowning out the fixed VHF down below and you forgot where you left the handheld anyway…

The unit can also record your own transmission out if you want it to and this appears to be held in a separate memory to the inbound recording – well done Cobra for a simple and effective enhancement.

pdfYou can download the manual for the handheld MR HH425LI unit here if you want to read up on the Rewind feature or for European sailors to look up the GMRS features – why don’t we have this over here ! To see a short video of the Rewind feature in use have a look at the Marathon Leisure Site

The only problem is that it does not do DSC – this is an oversight for the European market.

If you are in Europe and you want the Rewind feature and you want DSC then Cobra only offer the fixed mounted radios such as the MR F80B.

Ok, who will produce the first handheld with VHF/GMRS/DSC and Rewind ?


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