Reading electrical diagrams

If you are my age then you will probably agree that remembering even your school boy electronics theory can be quite a challenge.

I would recommend that you click on the link in the right hand nav bar called TB Training. This is a link for the training courses that Tony Brooks provides – Tony is obviously “old school” and knows his stuff. If the symbols below have you scratching your head….then click here for a handy reference guide.

For example, here is Tony’s description for symbols of diodes – we all know that electricity only flows in the direction of the arrowhead – or does it?….


Ordinary diode – in the alternator & in split charging diodes.

LED – Light Emitting Diode – used as warning indicators on electronic equipment.

Zener Diode – ignore this, they are inside alternators measuring voltage and protecting the electronics from damage when the battery is disconnect whilst the engine is running. At a pre-determined voltage allows electricity to flow “backwards” through the arrowhead.

Tony also specialises in wonderfully simple diagrams that have really helped me to understand the overly complex ones you get with most boat electronics these days,,,as always the rule is KISS (keep it simple stupid)

To download my free Excel spreadsheet showing how to assess your power usage while at marina, anchor, or sailing please click here


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