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ActiveCaptainTo my knowledge ActiveCaptain was the first to build a UGC (User Generated Content) product independently of any mainstream supplier of maritime chart plotters or related product. Using this platform you can record local data like Rocks, Wrecks, Obstructions, Buoys, Beacons & Signs, Lights, Shops & Repairs, Ports & Marinas and Anchorages, Moorings and even upload your recommended routing and waypoint data.


I believe that ActiveCaptain is also the most successful. Although there is a preponderance of Stateside data, I and many other UK sailors have been uploading data for our local marinas, routes and other useful info about sailing in UK waters. I encourage you all to participate in this platform – it is cheap and you can only gain from the wealth of local knowledge that is already, and will continue to be, stored on this platform.

Obviously to make it easy to benefit from the UGC layer, it is essential that you can easily integrate access to ActiveCaptain from within your chosen chart plotting software and that the data remains accessible when you are offline or unable to connect to the internet.

One of the most important products to do include such integration to ActiveCaptain was the MaxSea TZ product that I reviewed extensively here.

Many chart plotting software products have followed suit and included integration to ActiveCaptain. The list of products includes software for PC, Mac, Linux, iPhone and Android  – here is the list so far…

I jumped in and bought the iPhone app from Navionics pretty early on because it was the brand I used on my fixed Raymarine chart plotter and because they had a UK chart version available for only GBP14.95.  The chart plotting software is  Navionics Gold UK/Holland and it works perfectly well on my iPhone, but unfortunately for me it has its own UGC layer (User Generated Content). Strangely you have to submit additions to their UGC layer using an online form on the Navionics website and it is not integrated with another product other than Navionics own chart plotting software  – so why bother with their own, limited, UGC community!

If you are interested in the UGC concept … which one should you use? – well surely its a a case of the biggest UGC community combined with good integration with a wide range of chart plotting software wins. I would put my money on ActiveCaptain – so sign up if you have not done so already, and start exploring the user content stored there – more importantly if you have UK or European local knowledge – be community minded and type it in !…


2 thoughts on “More support for Active Captain…

    Dear Russ,
    In your post of June 1st   for the blog story More support for Active Captain…  we noticed some inaccuracies that we would like to bring to your attention. 
    The inference in your statement “strangely you have to submit additions to their UGC layer using an online form on the Navionics website and it is not integrated with another product other than Navionics own chart plotting software – so why bother with their own, limited, UGC community” is that Navionics has a small UGC community only supported by our website..
    In fact, only a very small percentage of Navionics UGC is collected from submissions to our website.  The vast majority is derived from our new Navionics PC/Mac APP and hundreds of thousands of iPhone, iPad and Android app users as well.  This is a global community of users that contribute at a rate many times greater than all of the Hydrographic Offices.  The benefit is that this data along with our own surveyed data and external sources is continually validated and implemented into our  cartographic data base and transferred via Navionics Freshest Data program.  User’s simply update their chip on our web store and reap the benefits of having the contributions resident on their charts for their plotters.  Our UGC program has been the cited as the foundation for our App winning the DAME award at METS as well as Innovation awards in both Miami and Shanghai.
    Thank you, Navionics

    1. Hello Navionics

      I stand corrected – and thank you for the information that puts the record straight 🙂

      I must say that I was surprised – not at my ignorance which seems to have no bounds! – but at all this functionality that has not been brought directly to my attention as a user of the Navionics UK/Holland iPhone product for the past year. I dont recal being emailed; being notified via the iPhone app store; or being notified by the application while I have been using it. I am well familiar with the updating of my Raymarine plotter having done that for many years but I had no idea that there was something more I could do with the iPhone app !
      I have had the “Community Layer” set to ON all year but did not realise that the words “add an Object” was an invitation for UGC and the gateway to the UGC community….just shows how dumb I am!
      I will have a go with the Navionics UGC…. 🙂

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