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Mobile phones on board

When it comes to marine electronics there are not many things that European cruising folk can say we have a better experience of than our North American cousins – but in the area of mobile telephony we certainly lead the world. In terms of reliable coverage, range of devices and functionality of devices. Its only natural that we should carry our mobiles when cruising in coastal waters and occasionally resort to calling the marina using GSM instead of VHF when the marina staff choose to ignore the radio…

Globalstar coverage

The picture above shows the current Globalstar satellite phone coverage, but in my view it won’t be long before the personal mobile phone will actually work all over the globe even mid-ocean – so watch out Iridium and Globalstar and all those distributors that depend on the current limitations of GSM!

But in the meantime this company, Boatersphone based in West Yorkshire, have a lot of useful info on how you can boost signals and improve reception while on the water. Including how to use a fixed telephones and fax machines connected via the mobile phone network.


2 comments to Mobile phones on board

  • Chris Hallam - Satellite Phone Specialist

    Don’t see cellular GSM technology covering the open sea and/or remote regions of the world. Satellite phones will have their place in the market for many years to come.

  • Aubrey Roberts

    i guess mobile phones in the future will feature more processing power and great graphics”;.

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