Portable wind power v solar power ?

HyminiThis personal wind turbine called the HyMini can be hooked up to various devices to charge your phones, cameras, and other small electronics when you are on the road or on the sea..

Just like the PowerMonkey the manufacturers say it too could be used on trains, cabs, or airports – so long as you plug in the bundled mini solar panel. It can be charged from its own mini solar panel or from a normal electrical outlet when there is just no wind. The mini solar panels can also be connected in series to upHymini solar the charging capacity…

The manufacturer is MiniWiz – a company set up by a Harvard Prof. to develop green energy products


6 thoughts on “Portable wind power v solar power ?

  1. the cost of Solar Cells for Solar Energy utilization has been decreasing over the past years. pretty soon, solar energy would be a more viable alternative than fossil fuels,–

  2. Wind power is a good source of electricity but it also takes up lots of space just like solar power plants.`.~

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  4. Home Made Energy is really a plan consisting of guides and
    videos that permit you to create your own private Photo voltaic cells or vertical wind turbines (at
    a fraction with the ordinary pre-made retail store ordered expense).
    Quite simply, this product is focused on Do it yourself solar.

    This manual was developed to provide you with far better solutions on more cost-effective components for use
    for making your personal private higher superior photo voltaic panel devices and
    wind turbines. Step-by-step instructions permit you to quickly recognize the
    concepts and processes that you undergo even though constructing and
    setting up your own private Home Made Energy option all the whilst
    transferring in the direction of living off the grid.

    The Home Made Energy product or service is made up of a forty four web page e
    book with images and diagrams that support you in creating
    operating solar energy panels (in less than two.
    five several hours). Windmill jobs may also be involved (with related completion timelines).

    What’s Incorporated?

    – Diagrams, images and step-by-step recommendations that
    information you thru the procedure of setting up a solar panel.

    – Procedure sizing worksheet which can be utilized to estimate the ability prerequisites of one’s appliances and lights. From these calculations you will have a greater being familiar with of that which you ought to electricity your home.
    – In depth facts on working with batteries to store excess electric power furnished because of the solar power systems.
    – Materials and power lists for every one of the projects.
    – 7 component online video tutorial which indicates you how to put jointly your photo voltaic panel.

    Home Made Energy program contains 6 hrs of video information which go over procedure factors, wiring, format and measurements and tools needed. The movies tell you about just what you should do to create your solar cells and windmills. The strategies to dwell from the grid are just a several assignments away.

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