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Identifying stars while navigating at night...

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3 comments to Identifying stars while navigating at night…

  • I operate at the opposite end of the spectrum from electronics in one sense, but I still think that electronics has a valuable role to play in helping us to understand nature. I use the Stellarium software regularly and think it is a great example of nature and technology not being enemies.

  • gavelect

    Well what about tidal power? The innovative (and controversial) UK wave hub being built on the Firth has been giving the go ahead – Energy that gets produced underwater and that can’t be seen to the naked eye must be hailed as a great achievement.As long is it does not have a negative impact in the local marine life the more of green and clean energy we can put into the Scottish Power grid is fantastic. Surely this has got to be considered in your debate

  • […] still love the Star Trek looking device call MySky that I blogged about a couple of years ago – much more retro than the iPhone – proves I am a […]

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