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Live AIS plot off the coast of East Anglia, England

Antenna2Martin Waller lives in Chelmondiston – a small village in Suffolk, England, on the south bank of the River Orwell, and to the east of the Ipswich.

Martin is obviously a sailor and also a software geek and AIS Live has come up with a web site on which he is plotting AIS signals from vessels off the coast of East Anglia – he has even put this aerial on the side of his house to improve reception – its a Super J-Pole designed for 161 Mhz reception and formed from 15mm copper pipe!

He has not only overlaid AIS transmissions on a Google maps background but also the Navtex transmitter stations as far south as Rome and Croatia.

Remember this is all live and in (almost) real time….

Well done Martin – I like your style, perhaps when I have retired …..:-)


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