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MaxSea TZ Trials on Biscay 2012

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2 comments to MaxSea TZ Trials on Biscay 2012

  • Russ,
    Two questions:
    What would you recommend ilo MaxSea for a Mac based laptop as I believe MaxSea has no software for Mac.
    Did you ever address the Raymarine e125 as indidcated you would in your 8/5/2012 blog?

  • Hi Phil

    You are correct that MaxSea does not support MAC OS. Shame really since it was originally “MacSea” which was later changed to MaxSea when ported over to PCs, about the time that Furuno got involved.

    There is some good info here http://www.bellaluna.biz/tag/maxsea/ however from a sailor that says he has it running on his iPad.

    I have been impressed by the software from Polar Navy however, http://www.polarnavy.com/ – although I havent used it in a live situation, but it does have a MAC OS version. PolarNavy also supports Active Captain which is very useful in US waters.

    With regard to the e125. I have been putting off writing my notes up because I am so disapointed in the product and I dont want to say something that is not very carefully worded. The bottom line is that I wish I had not wasted my money on this unit. It will be good one day – but not right now. If you are looking to upgrade and stay within the raymarine product line invest in the older E series range which is now tried and tested.

    If you want to upgrade you chartplotter and use MaxSea the have a look at the Furuno range which has MaxSea built in.

    Hope these comments help.

    All the best

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