ActiveCaptain Mobile for Palm OS – Win Mobile coming soon.

ActiveCaptain Mobile for Palm OS was released this month (March 2008). ACMIt is a boating-specific application for Palm devices (typically Treo’s and Centro’s). It provides a chart plotter capable of handling thousands of charts at the same time as well as integrates to all of the point-of-interest data from the ActiveCaptain web site.

They provide all US NOAA charts for free with free 6 month updates.

ActiveCaptain has just signed contracts with UKHO for international charts. Because of royalties, they have to charge a small fee to pay for government royalties (but not for updates!). For example, they will be releasing a folio of every chart for the UK for $19.95 US this Summer.

These charts will also integrate with the ActiveCaptain web site which has international support today – they have quite a few markers for UK and NL among other countries.

With ActiveCaptain, you can add your own data. So your “local knowledge” of a nice anchorage, the fuel prices at a particular marina, or your personal feelings (review) of a certain facility can be shared by everyone.

The ActiveCaptain web site is completely free and free from advertising. It requires registration to cut down on spam entries and robots.

ActiveCaptain Mobile for Palm OS costs $49.95US. A Windows Mobile version has been announced and is in alpha testing with a dozen users right now. They expect the WM version to be completed in the next couple of months. An Apple iPhone version is being designed and evaluated currently based on the recently released SDK.

I really like their little book application too its a nice way to display information, FAQ’s and manuals.

I would encourage all European sailors to add their handy tips and local knowledge to the ActiveCaptain website – that way the info is shared for all of us to benefit from – especially up to date tips on a recent visit that you may have had.


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