Diesel Engine Fuel Consumption


I bumped into an old friend at the marina last week who showed me his brand new power boat a Sealine SC35 – wow what a boat. I do not – of course – approve of power boats – but I must say that sitting in the cockpit sipping champagne on a balmy summers evening was rather cool…

What struck me most was how beautifully modern it looked – not bling but chic..everything was still perfectly functional for seafaring but at speed – 34 knots to be precise!..all coming from 2 x 260hp diesel engines.

Being ever practical, and not being in the same oil baron league as my DSC01313sfriend – I got to thinking about diesel fuel consumption now that marine diesel is going to double in price. Exact consumption is hard to calculate since it depends not just on the power of the engine but also on the load and of course the weather and sea state. An excellent site – which you would have to read several times to follow is the Frontier Power Products Site, which has an excellent exposition on how to estimate fuel consumption.

What is interesting is that fuel consumption could be fairly flat for reasonably large ranges of rpm. or even have 2 or more bumps in the curve – it was not a simple case of more speed = more fuel…well good luck all you power boaters…rather you than me when it comes to filling up – on the other hand when it comes to mooring in the marina and sipping champagne – well – yes I would love to come aboard 🙂


4 thoughts on “Diesel Engine Fuel Consumption

  1. There is an online diesel engine consumption calcualator at http://www.fuelcharger.cc/calculators/howmuchhp-2.htm. Of course shopping around for the best fuel prices from local marinas is also a smart way to save money. A great resource o find the cheapest marine fuel prices using a marina fuel price locator like the one at MarineFuel.com. This can save hundreds of dollars per fill up on bigger boats and put some nice change into the smaller sized boat owners wallets as well.

  2. I have to make an offer for 6 Engines with 18 Cylinder.
    Each Cylinder has 32.17 Liters or 32.000 cc
    18 Cylinders have 600.000 cc or 600 Liters.
    So….how much HHo do we have to produce to decrease fuel consumption by 25 % ???????????
    any one that can answer this question please.

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