Polar Diagrams ….an update

I have had a number of requests for sources of polar diagrams for cruising sailors following my previous post here. Unfortunately the link I gave in that post to a free polar diagram app no longer works, but there is a great little replacement that is worth looking at – iPolar

  • iPolar generates sailing yachts polars of cruising yachts and cruiser racers from a very simple set of data
  • Mandatory Input data: Length Overall, Displacement, Mainsail area, jib area (units can be set to metric or imperial)
  • Optional data: Symmetrical Spinnaker area, Assymetrical spinnaker area

Its available in the Apple App Store.

As a fallback click here for a Google search

2 thoughts on “Polar Diagrams ….an update

  1. The low-cost SailTimer™ app for iPad/iPhone also learns custom polars for your individual sailboat.  You can share, edit and import these text files.  

    For navigation, the app can also then use the polars to display your Tacking Time to Destination and overlay your optimal tacks on marine charts.  


  2. The link to the free polar diagrams refers to another site and is not useful. 🙁

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