AIS Update – does yours have an “anti-pirate” Button?

I thought I would give a quick update on some of the more popular brands of AIS receiver and transponder, including some of the salient comparative features. Prices are approximate of course, when you look at your favourite online store I am sure you could better them – but it was interesting to note the price variations and also the way that features are not always a guide to price.


Maker Watts Dual Ch Notes Price
NASA AIS2 0.5 104.95
NASA AIS Radar 0.5 209.95
Easy AIS2 0.9 211.44
Raymarine AIS250 2.4 647.43
Comar AIS2 0.4 Yes 211.57
SR162 AIS 1.5 Yes 292.67
Comar SLR200G 0.4 Yes 3 459.83
AIS RX 1.5 Yes 3 511.97
Digital Yacht AIT250 4.0 Yes 1,2,3 449.00
AIS-CTRX 4.0 Yes 2,3 605.98
Comar CSB200 4.0 Yes 648.72
Simrad A150 12 Yes 2,3 789.00


Note 1 : The unit has an Safety Related Message (SRM) button that allows the user to transmit a distress alert quickly and easily to all vessels and base stations within range. Often this button is programmed to engage “Silent Mode” when this “S” button is pressed. This means that it will only receive and not transmit – useful if you are worried about piracy!. The SRM feature is in addition to the international AIS specification and may not be monitored by all reception equipment. This feature does not replace use of normal VHF emergency procedures.

Note 2 : Comes with antenae

Note 3 : Comes with built in GPS – may be useful as a back up GPS to your normal one.


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