Which phone for your boat?

If you havn’t bought a phone yet then I highly recommend that you buy a phone using Windows Mobile6 Professional – sorry for those that have already got a phone with a previous version

My minimum spec list for a good smart phone is:

1. Bluetooth
2. 3G
3. WM6 Professional (version 6 or later )
4. WiFi
5. GPS
6. Touchscreen (for experimenting with maps and GPS!)

For a list of phones that have this spec click here. (0ver 50 models in the UK at the present time…)

Strictly speaking :

  • Windows Mobile for Pocket PC is now Windows Mobile 6 Classic
  • Windows Mobile for Pocket PC Phone Edition is now Windows Mobile 6 Professional
  • Windows Mobile for Smartphone is now Windows Mobile Standard

So my test rig phone – the Samsung i780 – is a “Pocket PC” rather than a smartphone, according to Microsoft …


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