Google Earth Overlays – Part 1 – Vendee Globe

I am sure that like me, many of you will be watching the Vendee Globe 2020 with respect and admiration.

Unfortunately the official Vendee web site is difficult to follow and next to useless if you want to understand what is going on!

There is a fairly good tracking app on the official site:



… Luckily many amateurs have stepped up to fill the gap – and in particular I would draw your attention to the excellent YouTube channel called Sea Wolves that is worth subscribing to if you have not already….


I wanted to have a more dynamic map of the globe on which to follow the Vendee skippers so I thought I would import the race data into Google Earth Pro.

If you would like to upload a CSV file to display in Google Earth you can easily do that by:

1. Go to the official Vendee web site –

2. Go to the rankings page –

3. Click on Télécharger le classement Excel

4. Use Excel to open the file you downloaded and

  1. Delete all the rows and columns that are not showing the boats data
  2. Use the Search/Replace feature to remove  the degrees superscript symbol
  3. Get rid of word wrap on all rows

5. Your data should look like this:


6. Save this file as a CSV and exit Excel

7. Go to Google Earth Pro and use Import feature to import the file above. Remember to answer YES to the question do you want to use a template – this is where you can set the Name Field to “Boat” or whatever you called column B in the Excel spread sheet.

Alternatively click here to down load the file for 7 December 2020.

Download CSV File for Google Earth Pro

I will try and do updates …. periodically!

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