Natural Navigation…no batteries included

big dipperI received an interesting comment on my posting “Identifying stars while navigating at night…”

The comment was “I operate at the opposite end of the spectrum from electronics in one sense, but I still think that electronics has a valuable role to play in helping us to understand nature. I use the Stellarium software regularly and think it is a great example of nature and technology not being enemies.“…and it was made by a very accomplished navigator Tristan Gooley.

Tristan has long held a passion in natural navigation and his interest stems from his hands-on experience. Tristan is a prolific adventurer. He has led expeditions in five continents, climbed mountains in Europe, Africa and Asia, sailed small boats across oceans and piloted small aircraft to Africa and the Arctic.

He is the second man to have both flown and sailed solo across the Atlantic. He completed the first part of the challenge flying a single-engined Cessna Caravan from Goose Bay, Canada, to Oxford, England, in May 2007. The second part of the challenge involved sailing his Contessa 32 ‘Golden Eye’ solo across the Atlantic. Tristan used the challenge to raise awareness of prostate cancer, and to pay tribute to Steve Fossett , the only other person known to have achieved both solo feats.

I didnt know that Tristan ran courses for sailors – and not far from where I am based too. He has certainly got me thinking about my own lack of knowledge when it comes to “navigating naturally”…check out his web site Natural Navigation batteries required !


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