Live AIS data for the English Channel..

Earlier this year I commended Martin Waller in East Anglia for his live AIS site – well now we have a similar site based right on the English Channel. This site is a fantastic aid for all English Channel sailors and power boaters Saltdean AIS.

Here you can see data being updated every 5 mins for the shipping transmitting AIS data in the English Channel. You can even get detailed charts for many of the major ports along the Channel.

Saltdean AIS

You can see how clearly the Traffic Separation Scheme is marked by the traffic and in the following chart you can also see the very congested display of ships name – a clearer table display can be seen on the Saltdean AIS site itself.

Saltdean AIS - 2


The author also provide a KMZ file that you van download and display using Google Earth.

Saltdean AIS - 3


What a great job! This shows off so many new technologies both hardware and software, in one fell swoop …and its useful for mariners too!


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