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Electronic navigation – Old System

I have upgraded the electronics on Enterprise and I now have two almost separate navigation systems (backup before resorting to charts !)

Firstly there is the ‘old’ system – now 11 years old..
– Raymarine GPS
– Autohelm ST50 instruments (log, wind, depth, multi)
– Phillips navigator Mk8
– Autohelm autopilot 3000 (wheel based)
– All connected on a Seatalk bus

DSC00003The Philips navigator is really good. Its visible under the spray hood, and is always pretty much in agreement with the new system (all Raymarine based) that I run in parallel. Since the cockpit is small I had no room for a new Raymarine screen on the helm – never mind the cost! – so I put the new Raymarine C120 at the chart table and use my trusty old Phillips navigator in the cockpit.


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