Code of Practice or Flag of Convenience?

I have long lamented the poor service that boaters whether power or BMEAsail get when installing electronics on their vessels. Getting someone that understands a good installation, is honest enough to read the manual before starting, and doesn’t rip you off with unexpected “extras” is as rare as getting a good plumber or an honest politician.

I have recently been looking at the The British Marine Electronics Association web site and noticed that they do more than represent the trade. The obviously are a trade organisations that represents installers and manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment for marine use.

But they do have a “Code of Practice for Electrical and Electronic Installations in Small Craft”. This code is produced by the BMEA as a guide to how installations should meet the Standards required for compliance with the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD). It is based on the ISO Standards for AC & DC installations. The Code of Practice is available to all including trade and DIY installers alike and can be obtained through the BMF technical department (phone 01784 223634 or email:

They also run an accreditation scheme called BMET. British Marine Electronics Technician accreditation is a new scheme that has been introduced to recognise the qualifications and experience of those involved with the installation of electronic and electrical equipment in boats.The scheme consists of intermediate and advanced level examinations and, verification of a candidate’s practical competence.

One can but hope that by choosing a company with staff that have attained BMET accreditation …”you can be confident that you will get the highest standards of workmanship and expertise …”

hmmm…is this like the logos that builders put on the back of their vans – or is it a real qualification?….I would love to know…


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