Electronic Navigation – New System

This is my new system..
– GPS Raystar 125 (2nd GPS)
– Chart plotter – C120
– AIS (outputting at 38400 to Brookhouse and then to the C120)
– Raymarine 18″ 2Kw Radar

Connecting to a laptop
– ACER Aspire 5022WLMi

– E85001 – NMEA0183/Seatalk I/f box to output NMEA0183 to serial and then via a serial to USB adaptor into the laptop

– Brookhouse Multiplexer to I/f AIS to C120 at 38400 and to output on its built in USB cable straight into the laptop

This means that two independent programs can operate on the laptop both getting data in from the ships instruments

All of this now works well after many hours of head scratching and torn knuckles 😉


3 thoughts on “Electronic Navigation – New System

  1. Hi Dan – yes that is the model I am using the C120.

    On my laptop I use the Mapsource software with the Garmin based Bluechart charts.

    I have not used C-Map so I cannot compare.

    But the comparison of the mapsource software and the Raymarone software is interesting.

    First the software – The Raymarine software is not as easy to use as the Mapsource software – but only because it is easier to navigate around the Mapsource software on a laptop using a keyboard and a mouse. If I could use the Raymarine s/w on a laptop it may be just as easy.

    Second the charts – well the Navionics Gold charts are far superior to the Bluechart charts. They seem to pan more easily from chart to adjoining chart they also zoom more smoothly and the level of detail is better – for example when sailing the English Channel the Bluechart chart simply marks “Wrecks” but the Navionics chart displays depth, useful notes like exposed at certain stages of tide and so on…

  2. I have to say, that I could not agree with you in 100% regarding , but it’s just my opinion, which could be wrong 🙂

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