C-Map 4D – are they joking?!

Jeppesen Marine has launched their new C-MAP 4D product in Asia, and it is pre-loaded into the Raymarine E Wide Hybridtouch series! This is really interesting in itself since you have had to use Navionics charts if your want Raymarine electronics up to now. By the way the E Wide series is touchscreen but retains the buttons – which I think are easier to use when underway – unlike the Garmin GPSMap 5012 which has touchscreen only.

What Jeppesen say is that “time” is the 4th dimension, but what they mean is that they will update the chart data “continuously”, ahem , actually content is updated “at least” twice per year, and in some regions three times per year. This is not exactly continuously but to be fair it is more often than any one would actually update their charts normally. So 4D…well its sounds at least one better than 3D doesn’t it? – I just hope it isn’t the same as the fee paying annual service they launched called Quick Sync

So what can you expect of C-Map 4D. Well its the pretty much the same as the Navionics Platinum+, and the BlueChartg2 Vision. All offer full 3D charts, satellite image overlay, port and harbour aerial photography and detailed port information.


C-Map 4D


Navionic Platinum Plus

Bluechart g2

BlueChart g2 Vision

But C-Map make the following additional claims for their 4D software:

  • Navigational perspective with high-resolution coastal imagery overlaid on the most accurate and up-to-date vector data
  • Thousands of extraordinary photos for the most popular marinas and areas of interest.
  • Easy-Routing Technology: The Easy-Routing Technology analyses the high-quality C-MAP 4D data, works out the shortest route and then checks and displays hazards in each leg of the journey. (Garmin’s BlueChart g2 Vision has “autoguidance” )
  • Nautical Paper Charts: NOAA raster charts, plus many other paper charts included with C-MAP 4D Chart Regions. Boaters receive “at-a-glance” information using the nautical paper charts overlaid on the multi-dimensional shaded relief (Furuno NavNet Mapmedia 3D also does this)

Well I look forward to seeing the UK preview at the Southampton Boat Show this month… especially “Easy-Routing”…would you trust it?


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