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Google provide another search vector

Google Labs is in the process of developing a new application called Google Fast Flip. It promises to give the user ‘a new reading experience that combines the best elements of print and online articles’ and one of the developers, Krishna Bharat, wants the public to give their feedback on the trial version that has just been launched.

Firstly, it is important to understand why Google Fast Flip was introduced in the first place. According to industry insiders it is to help resolve the conflict between an ailing newspaper industry and companies such as Google and Yahoo that aggregate content online. Apparently what is needed is to encourage people to read more news from actual news sites, and to do that, we need faster navigation of media-rich news content online.

A recent Senate hearing heard how Google have tried to resolve the issue through using living URLs to direct news searches to the relevant source.

Google FlipThe idea is that all news stories will be at a single updateable URL, and therefore easily found by anyone searching a story.

This will, in theory hand power back to journalists and those in the news industry; and combined with faster page navigation, it will feel like Google has donned the Santa hat. This all seems rather altruistic for a search company, and has therefore raised suspicion about the real reason behind Google Fast Flip….

I have tried it using the search term “Sailing” and it is very fast at bringing up dozens of publications and news stories in a much more attractive way than the normal search. So why don’t you add it to your bookmarks or iGoogle page and give it a try – click on the picture above…


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