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Candy coloured solar panels!

GreenSun Energy LTD based in Har Hotzvim, Jerusalem has developed some prototype solar panels that will significantly reduce costs and also be capable of creating energy from candy-coloured solar panels that capture different parts of the sun’s light spectrum and don’t need direct sunlight to work. Green_Sun_Solar

The jewel tones of the panels allow them to capture different parts of the sun’s light spectrum, conventional solar panels require direct sunlight to produce electricity. In contrast, the coloured panels don’t need to face the sun and can absorb dispersed light, allowing for energy collection on a cloudy day, albeit with less efficiency. The company says the coloured panels are less expensive than conventional solar panels because they require less silicon to manufacture.

So how do they work? When light hits one of the coloured panels, it is diffused to the edges, which are covered with silicon solar receptors that, in turn, produce electricity. The company says the coloured panels are more practical because they can replace everyday building surfaces, such as windows and walls, rather than requiring a full roof or field panel array to be effective.

Why is this important? Well if you Past blog postings on solar energy, despite the increasingly innovative photovoltaic systems that are being produced they are still not cost effective without government subsidy. The photovoltaic solar energy industry has grown exponentially since the year 2000 and recorded 62% growth in 2007. The efficiency of existing commercial systems for the production of electricity from solar energy is about 12% -17% with an associated cost of about $5 USD per watt. It is very difficult to reduce this cost with the existing technology. Once the technology is developed to produce electricity from solar energy at the same cost as from fossil fuels, the energy industry will experience a transformational revolution.

Comparison National Grid Parity Conventional Solar Panel GreenSun MK-I
GreenSun MK-IIIQ  Panel
Panel area 1 sq m 1 sq m 1 sq m
Efficiency 15% 12% 20%
% of cells reqd 100% 20% 10%
Total Watts 150W 120W 200W
Dollars per watt $1.00/W $4.54/W $2.10/W $0.94/W

Now just imagine how such panels could be used in the actual construction of various parts of the boat itself such as hard canopies, windows, cockpit screens, covers on chart plotters, laptop screen covers and so on…


6 comments to Candy coloured solar panels!

  • The figures make some big claims. Even if they are a big skewed the actual idea of solar building materials is the big advantage.

    That list of uses you started could go on and on. I guess time will tell if they become practical.

  • Bill G

    Thanks for the comment, love your web site by the way and the sentiment behind it – looks like a mine of information – many thanks.

  • I am the kind of guy who enjoys to try different stuff. Right now I’m constructing my hold photovoltaic panels. I am making it all alone without the aid of my men. I’m using the internet as the only way to acheive this. I came across a truly amazing site which explains how to create pv panels and so on. The site explains all the steps required to pv panel contruction.

    I’m not exactly sure bout how precise the data given there is. If some experts over here who had experience with these things can have a look and give your feedback in the thread it will be grand and I’d extremely appreciate it, because I truly take an interest in DIY Solar Panels

    Thanks for reading this. U people are great.

  • If this start wind speed is 1.5m/s. This generator will be a huge progress in small wind turbine industry. Whether it is as good as they say. It need the test of time.

  • Lunch Bags ·

    we have a solar panel at home that my father built, it can generate 500 watts of electricity

  • Mac Goldschmidt

    My spouse and i will have really been looking into solar power for roughly a couple of years and as a result we finally made the actual decision based primarily upon the blend of the governtment incentive programs together with exceptionally practical capital. My spouse and i have actually really been researching into photo voltaic energy for approximately a yr and as a consequence the two of us finally made the actual investment mainly based upon the pairing of the governtment incentive options together with unbelievably cost-effective capital. I genuinely can’t comprehend how inexpensive everything ended up being and consequently my spouse and i already have already been another photo voltaic house for around one calendar month furthermore every little thing appears as if it all is undoubtedly working out great. We are able to literally relax and watch how very much electric power we aer saving every single day and also it is truly pretty marvelous. I alway assumed that solar power is supported because of a ton of hype however , I may easily tell you that it is in fact the bona fide deal. I wish my spouse and i had implemented it ages ago.

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