5 thoughts on “Connecting Phillips Navigator MK8 to a MT500 DSC/VHF

  1. Following on from Tony Hughes question below – firstly here is the spec for the MT500 that Tony refers to.

    As for how to connect it up to the MK8 I have written a new post above to document all the tips about the wiring that I have come across, including the advice on connecting the MT500 and a Phillips MK8.

    MT500The MT-500 is the latest Class-D DSC equipped marine VHF from M-TECH. It meets the EN-301 025 capabilities with integral CH70 watch receiver.

    Position Send/Request functions are also included which enable you to transmit/request the position data to other vessels. The received position data is transferred to a connected plotter (not supplied), if your plotter is DSC capable.

    Large SELECT/ENT knob can be rotated and pushed which offers you simple and easy operation for channel and menu selection.

    Construction is waterproof meeting the JIS-7 standard

    • Built-in CH70 watch receiver
    • 32 MMSI number directory
    • Large dot-matrix LCD display – 4 lines with 11 characters each
    • LAT/LON position indication with GPS connected
    • Alert for GPS unconnected
    • Position Send/Request_transfer the received position data to a connected plotter
    • All available INT’L plus authorized local channels
    • 3 channel scanning modes_Priority, All and Memory Scan
      Channel name indication
    • DISTRESS button with protective cover
    • One button instant access to CH16
    • Large SELECT/ENT knob for channel/menu
    • Microphone with alphanumeric keys
    • Waterproof meeting the JIS-7 standard
    • Selectable ATIS mode for inland waterways


  2. Dear Russ,

    Can you help me with an instruction to connect an Clipper GPS repeater to a Phillips MK8 GPS?

    I try to connect them, without a good result.
    I onely get info that there is a 12V connection, but no data info.


  3. We acquired a GPS Navigator MK8 with our boat & the instructions dated July 1993 & it worked last year, but now it just shows the position as zeros or similar if you change the datum base. Have tried replacing the Back-up battery ‘expected life 2 years’. All the tests appear OK, including the antenna. Any suggestions?

  4. Dear sir, can you help.
    I am trying to connect my Garmin 450 GPS to a M Tech 500 DSC VHF Transceiver.Both unit`s wiring instructions are not clear and although I have followed them correctly, The GPS is not speaking to the M Tech vhf, with no Lat or Long readingsor time etc.
    Be grateful for advice. Are they compatible?

    Tony and Ann (United Kingdom)

  5. Hi,
    I have a Mk8 and just like Chris Woodd-Walker is has also stopped displaying Lat & Long. Is there a solution to this?

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