Dual Band AIS – Secas

Secas have come out with a dual band AIS receiver – with status lights ! – a big gripe with the NASA product that I installed last year.

SECAS AIS 150 product 08Full product specifications for the 150 :-

• Lightweight, compact design
• Fast, easy USB connectivity
• Low 1.2 watt power consumption
• Receives data from as far away as 30 nautical miles
• 16-channel GPS, WAAS and EGNOS enabled
• Dual frequency: AIS1 161.975 MHz and AIS2 162.025 MHz simultaneously monitored
• 25 kHz bandwidth
• Baud rate 38400 bps
• EMC certified EN61000-6-3:2001, EN61000-6-1:2001, IEC 60945
• 10-meter antenna cable (maximum cable length of 30 meters is available)
• Receives all AIS VDL messages simultaneously on both channels
• Uses industry standard IEC 61162-2/NMEA 0183 message protocol
• Operating temperature ranges from 5 to 131 degrees Fahrenheit
• Sensitivity to –107 dBm
• GMSK demodulation
• 70 dB adjacent channel rejection
• SafePassageAIS is PC- and Mac-compatible
• SafePassageAIS comes with a serial cable for chart plotter and radar connectivity



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