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Let SeeSnake take you round the bend !

The Wireless Ridgid Seesnake Micro Inspection Camera System display is clear, even in moderately bright light and,SeeSnake since there is no focus adjustment to fiddle with, you just point and shoot. You can use this to see under the boat even while in the water! …imagine you’ve snagged another fishing net or stray rope – using this handy device you can at least see what the problem is before you don the scuba gear… or look under the engine mounting to see where that leak is cominig from…

The Wireless Camera comes with a distal video camera at the end of a 3 ft shaft for internal inspection of engines, awkward bulkheads, mouldings – even up the mast!…the built in Led’s are providing the illumination.

Imaging and illumination is provided by a full color image sensor and dual solid state Led’s which are controlled by an easy to use rolling switch. The 2.4″ full color LCD screen allows the user to view live video from the lens. The hand held unit is powered by 4-AA batteries. The Video Monitor is powered by rechargeable batteries that are already installed in the unit. They just need to be charged. ( AC adapter is included ) Accessory Mirror allows user to see 90 degrees to axis of the shaft. The Magnet accessory will pick up approx 1/4 lb and a hook is also provided for hard to retrieve items.

You could even record what you can see to show someone else like your friendly marine engineer or to look at later in the comfort of your favourite armchair…recording what the camera is seeing is easy. Just plug in any 3.5mm Video MINI Jack into the video input on the side and then plug the video input into either a VCR or TV input.

  • Allows for easy visual inspections in hard to reach areas
  • Mini water-proof camera with 1m(3″) flexible extended tube
  • Night Vision Range:1.5m
  • Waterproof Level: IP67 with Underwater
  • 2.5″ TFT-LCD wireless monitor with rechargeable Li-battery
  • Lightweight, handhold design for easily find, diagnose and solve problems
  • 3 useful accessories includes: hook, mirror and magnet

Very nice gadget – I wish I had put that on my Xmas list 🙂


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