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What's your Magnetic Variation - the compass not you !

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3 comments to What’s your Magnetic Variation – the compass not you !

  • Dave Broughall

    I owned a charter fishing boat for twenty years,based folkestone,and never found a need to to learn about magnetic variation,mainly because of the use of decca then gps,however,now I have taken to the air and speeds are a lot different,so this article was very usefull,thank you.

  • Jerry H

    OK article – thanks; but I don’t think it’s correct to say that Greenwich Meridian has anything to do with this topic.
    The important thing is the angular difference between the direction of the magnetic pole from your position, as indicated by the compass, and the local line of meridian of longitude – which you cannot measure if you don’t know where you are and dont have a map – and which is why you need to know the variation for the local region/country.

  • You confuse Variation and DECLINATION..

    Magnetic Variation is the difference in angle on the surface of the earth between magnetic north and true north.
    I.E. the angle subtended by the two lines drawn between your location and the north magnetic pole and your location and the geographic magnetic pole.

    Magnetic Declination is the angle subtended by the magnetic flux line entering the earth, and the earth, at your location. At the equator this is almost zero as the flux lines are almost parallel to the earth’s surface. At the magnetic poles it is tending towards ninety degrees.

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