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Garmin MapSource & Google Earth

Having upgraded my Garmin MapSource chart plotting software I thought I would just check out a few of my previously saved routes and fell over a menu option that I had never seen below which simply said “View in Google Earth” – ok, I am losing my sight, but I had honestly not noticed this before – so I clicked – and to my amazement, Google Earth loaded and zoomed right in on the exact lat/long for my route, and superimposed the route on a map of the English coastline with waypoints all labled and shown in the correct place !

Route - Mapoint

Route - Google

Garmin Mapsource route from Newhaven to Brighton…. …and Google earth with same route shown – just click to see a larger image.

Just click on the images to see a larger screen shot…


Marine Charts for Google Earth !

Fantastic aerial views of marine charts on to Google Earth!

Check out EartNC limited to North America at the moment:-(


EarthNC for Google Earth is the first ever integration of NOAA ENCs, marine weather and real-time positioning data directly into the Google Earth platform. EarthNC Marine charts feature full-integrated Google Earth renderings of over 600 official NOAA and 70 U.S. Army Corps of Engineering ENC charts.


Sailors now see satellite images of sailing areas with links to :

  • bathymetric data
  • AIS data
  • Weather data
  • Navigation aids
  • Tide data
  • National radar

They even claim that with a laptop running Google Earth and a low-cost GPS receiver, you can use EarthNC as a real-time chart plotter.!!

What a shame they havent got the UK and Europe covered – lets hope the do a deal with the authorities here too.