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5in. All in one chart plotter + AIS receiver for less than £500!

SC500_00The Digital Yacht SC500A GPS Chart Plotter with built in AIS Receiver is really the sort of thing that the ill fated Raymarine RC400 could have evolved into.

To be fair I have used the RC400 mounted at the helm of my 32ft yacht, and despite all its faults and initial hiccups in getting it to work at all I must say that it has withstood both hell and high water and worked very well for the past 4 years. The trouble is that it doesn’t link to anything and connecting it to PC based chart plotting/planning software is useless- er, yes I do know about RNS…!

So the Digital Yacht range of 5” colour chart plotters caught my eye especially when you see some of the sophisticated things it can do.

Firstly it is a modern device unlike my poor old RC400 and benefits from all the technical hardware innovations of the past 5 years – for example there is an ultra bright display with 256 colours and a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels.

The unit also uses the C-Map cartography which means that you get all of the following features…

5in. All in one chart plotter + AIS receiver for less than £500! → Click here to continue reading →


4 comments to 5in. All in one chart plotter + AIS receiver for less than £500!

  • Lowrance Offers Full Range of Fish Finders and Marine Electronics | boats parts

    […] 5in. All in one chart plotter + AIS receiver for less than £500 … […]

  • I noticed you wrote this review just over a year ago. We’re having a hard time finding any other reviews and just wondering what your thoughts are a year later. We’re also looking at the Lowrance chart plotters, but they don’t have AIS. Your thoughts on these two products?

  • I used one of the DY500 units to deliver a boat from liverpool to lowestoft, once the screen was sufficiently d-cluttered by removing some of the layers, it became an extra crew member, going through the dover strait at 4am was relatively simple, I could see what I needed to, and had no radar either……… nearly 1000 miles covered and yes, I have no hesitation in recommending the unit, since then I’ve installed ten other units into yachts and power boats….

    • William Doyle

      I am the owner of a 26ft Heavenly Twins in Arklow Co,Wicklow Ireland and would like some one to install the DY500.
      At present I have a Raymarine Radar.
      Liam Doyle
      4,Abbey Park
      Mobile No:-00353-860850192

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