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Sailboat animated gif Sailboat animated gif

Hydroptere – 47.2 knots

The fastest sail boat in the world is the Hydroptere. This is an incredible trimaran and if you watch the video on the site below you will see that the hulls barely touch the water – meaning that the whole vessel is virtually flying.

Last month Hydropteré became one of only a handful of sailboats to Hydroptere break the 50-mph barrier, with a run that topped out at 47.2 knots (54 mph) in 25-knot winds. That’s just a knot and a half shy of the absolute sail-speed record of 48.7 knots – but that’s held by a windsurfer, so it’s arguably safe to say that Hydropteré is – for the moment — the world’s fastest sailboat.



Sailing Performance – Excel Spreadsheet of Boat Data

I have calculated a large number of ratios and factors that according to the great and the good tell you something about the design, performance or sea worthiness of a boat.

Click on the image below to load the spreadsheet viewer…then click on the tabs along the bottom of the graphs for different calculations to be displayed. (works in IE and Firefox)

Click for Performance Ratios

  • Statistics Calculated include:
    • D/L
    • SA/Disp
    • LOA/Beam
    • Ballast/Disp
    • Capsize Risk
    • Comfort
    • Inertia
    • Roll Period
    • Stability
    • Hull Speed
    • Velocity Ratio


Design and performance

This is the report on the design of ‘A Fast Offshore Cruiser’ which is to be normally sailed by a crew of two. Click here for the zipped Dissertation by Robert Ford.

The brief is for a fast but safe and comfortable, easily sailed good-looking yacht. This report covers the preliminary/conceptual work, hull and deck design, structures to ABS ’97 yacht rules, foil and rig design, general arrangement, stability and flooding and VPP.
The content of the report shows the process taken by the designer to achieve the design shown that, the author believes, satisfies the requirements of the brief with ease.