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Navigating the Ocean Floor with Google Earth...

I have a lote of respect for Google – even though some may characterise them as the Evil Empire2 (you all know who EE1 are:-)

But I think they are jumping the gun a little with the claim being made with Google Earth version 5.1 that you can “You can navigate under the surface of the ocean just as you can anywhere else in Google Earth. This means that you can explore sea floor terrain, such as deep ocean trenches….”

Ahem, I dont think so.

According to the help files here

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Will Love & War surprise the big shots again?

On 26 December the 2009 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race race will begin. Over the past 64 years, the Rolex Sydney Hobart has become an icon of yacht racing. The 628 nautical mile course is often described as the most gruelling long ocean race in the world. But the nice thing is that it attracts professionals and amateurs alike. Some entrants are as big as 100′ this year but also some as small as 30′.

A few years back I was so impressed by the S&S classic yacht Love & War when it won the Sydney Hobart race – for

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Candy coloured solar panels!

GreenSun Energy LTD based in Har Hotzvim, Jerusalem has developed some prototype solar panels that will significantly reduce costs and also be capable of creating energy from candy-coloured solar panels that capture different parts of the sun’s light spectrum and don’t need direct sunlight to work.

The jewel tones of the panels allow them to capture different parts of the sun’s light spectrum, conventional solar panels require direct sunlight to produce electricity. In contrast, the coloured panels don’t need to face the sun and can absorb dispersed light, allowing for energy collection on

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Powerfilm F15 - 60 watts

I have followed the development of portable, and affordable, solar panels with interest – even haute couture. There are good panels available from Brunton (who also have good guides to power usage); Sunware (27 watts); Sunsei (2,6 and 18Watts); and of course for small devices like mobile phones and true portability there is Power Monkey and Freeloader.

As a matter of interest I have been using Power Monkey both in the car and on the boat since 2007 without a

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Google provide another search vector

Google Labs is in the process of developing a new application called Google Fast Flip. It promises to give the user ‘a new reading experience that combines the best elements of print and online articles’ and one of the developers, Krishna Bharat, wants the public to give their feedback on the trial version that has just been launched.

Firstly, it is important to understand why Google Fast Flip was introduced in the first place. According to industry insiders it is to help resolve the conflict between an ailing newspaper industry and companies such as Google and Yahoo that aggregate content

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