Optimising fuel consumption..Garmin’s take

Having written already on the subject of fuel consumption and even carrying a picture of a friend’s power boat on this blog..I thought I would…

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Mobile phone confusion !

My little venture into experimenting with mobile phones and their use on my boat has stirred up a lot of readers of this blog it…

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GPS Terminology – nanu nanu :-)

After the last post I had a few emails asking me what PRN 32 means so I thought I would list a few terms that…

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GPS – New Satellite SOG Errors?

There has been some discussion recently about the new satellite PRN32 or at least an old satellite that has been recommissioned and brought into the…

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Garmin Mobile XT & Bluechart Marine Charts on a phone?

I wrote about Mobile XT previously. My comment was not that you couldn’t get chartplotting software on a smartphone, because patently you can – the…

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