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Is MAC the knife?

There are people who love Apple and people who hate them. No matter how you feel though, there's no denying the incredible success Apple has gained since the iPod, iPhone, and iPad product lines. Today Apple is the largest company in the world by market capitalization:

 Apple is bigger than the entire US stock market was in 1977  Apple is worth more than than all NFL football teams combined (by ten times!)  Apple is significantly larger than the GDP of Denmark (and Sweden and and Venezuela and approximately 160 other countries)

 We've had a long

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Sail Training and Tall Ships

If sail training and Tall Ships Races float your boat, the International Sail Training and Tall Ships Conference is a once in a year conference not to be missed.

Why Tall Ships?….Dramatic improvements in personal confidence and a sense of self-worth were key benefits for the young trainees participating in a sail training voyage during The Tall Ships Races 2012, this summer – according to pioneering, collaborative research by The University of Edinburgh and Sail Training International (STI).

The voyages also led to a significant improvement in participants’ understanding of differences between young people from other

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Watching UK TV abroad

Apart from sailing, we go to Turkey quite a lot and nothing is more frustrating than having to watch local TV. From past experience I think the same goes for France, Germany, Spain, Portugal in fact all of Europe!.

Most people would agree that UK TV is the best in the world. The only exception I would say is that the US has perfected the Crime Drama/Thriller genre – and these get imported to the UK anyway.

On my recent trip down to Portugal I collected a few tips from other sailors and live-aboards about what services

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Weather Underground New Marine Service Plus ActiveCaptain!

WeatherUnderground has created a new sailing and boating section on their website.

Live and historic weather radar is displayed over maps, satellite images, and nautical charts (NOAA vector and raster).

Integrated with the charts and weather radar is every ActiveCaptain marker with all the details, reviews, and hazard comments you've come to depend on.

We've been working with wunderground.com for a while. They asked us how we made our own cruising weather decisions and we showed them the handful of websites that we use – buoyweather, windfinder, passageweather, swellinfo, magicseaweed, etc.


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Why is AIS important..

Almost every cruising boater knows about AIS – the Automatic Identification System. Released in the last 10 years, AIS-A became standard on large ships. Today it is a required piece of equipment on most large commercial vessels. However, AIS-A was fairly expensive and complex, so few recreational boats installed it.

AIS works through VHF radio. Packets of data are sent out providing live navigation data – position, speed, course, heading – along with other very useful information – vessel name, vessel dimensions, MMSI, age of data, etc.

Early devices for cruising boats were only receivers. They'd allow your chartplotter

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