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$10 app puts Navtex on your Android Phone!

Now and again you see a really good bit of programming.

Check out DroidNavtex.

This brilliant little app can decode NAVTEX messages from any SSB, amateur radio, or shortwave receiver.

So you need two things – an Android smartphone and an SSB receiver.

Smartphone – At the moment there is only an Android version of the app so good news if you have an Android smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy SII, or an Android tablet like the Asus Transformer TF101

SSB receiver – I have

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WiFi..always use a VPN

Jeff Seigel, founder of ActiveCaptain, writes…

This now marks the third year we're bringing the dangers of open WiFi to your attention at this time of year. If you connect to open WiFi routers at marinas or through long-distance "sharing" at anchor, please know the risks if you can connect without a password. You are putting your information and possibly your private email in danger of being seen and abused. The risks are real because it's easy to sniff open WiFi connections with software that any teenager knows how to get for free.

Here are the most common answers to

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Seaiq Open–FREE iPad & iPhone charting app


The SEAiq apps are a collection of simple but powerful marine charting apps for iPads and iPhones. They provide common chart plotter features such as chart display, GPS, tracks, waypoints, and routes.

SEAiq Open is the only vector marine chartplotter app that allows you to use your own charts on your iPhone or iPad. It supports S-57, Inland ENC, and CM93 formats.  You can also purchase S-63/S-57 charts for anywhere in the world from the ChartWorld online store.

You install charts by downloading them directly to your iPad/iPhone or transferring them

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Is MAC the knife?

There are people who love Apple and people who hate them. No matter how you feel though, there's no denying the incredible success Apple has gained since the iPod, iPhone, and iPad product lines. Today Apple is the largest company in the world by market capitalization:

 Apple is bigger than the entire US stock market was in 1977  Apple is worth more than than all NFL football teams combined (by ten times!)  Apple is significantly larger than the GDP of Denmark (and Sweden and and Venezuela and approximately 160 other countries)

 We've had a long personal

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Sail Training and Tall Ships

If sail training and Tall Ships Races float your boat, the International Sail Training and Tall Ships Conference is a once in a year conference not to be missed.

Why Tall Ships?….Dramatic improvements in personal confidence and a sense of self-worth were key benefits for the young trainees participating in a sail training voyage during The Tall Ships Races 2012, this summer – according to pioneering, collaborative research by The University of Edinburgh and Sail Training International (STI).

The voyages also led to a significant improvement in participants’ understanding of differences between young people from other cultures

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