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MaxSea TZ – Downloading weather data on your sat phone 2 of 2

Critique 2:

So having requested the weather file – remember you are at sea – you then log off your sat phone and log on some time later.

…lets hope the signal is clear.


This is the credit I had before the call to download the email with the MaxSea grib file attached…..107 Minutes This (above) shows the download of the email and the size of the attachment and the duration of the call… This is the sat phone call in progress…the extra time is for the authentication … before the

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MaxSea TZ – Downloading weather data on your sat phone 1 of 2

As  I mentioned in my previous post I am participating in the Rally Portugal 2012 – which is currently holed up un Falmouth!…We should haver left 3 days ago, crossing Biscay heading for Baiona in Spain – but extreme weather in the By has meant that "discretion has been the better part of valour”.

While in port I have had access to the internet and a variety of Grib file services (Ugrib and zyGrib) or the UK Met Office or the Magic Seaweed site. I can use either marina based Wifi or even my 3G Apple iPhone to connect up

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Navigation Software Trials in Biscay 2012


I am starting a series of live trials of the latest MaxSea TZ software. I reviewed this software in 2010.This was a particular review to do only with the complex subject of routing. It was not intended as a general review of navigation software. In that review I came to the conclusion that the MaxSea TZ software was the overall “winner”. Now two years on I thought I would have another look at the MaxSea TZ software and see if they have come on in their design and functionality.

The context of this review is of

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Iridium 9555 mounting for a fiver

I have installed a new sat phone in readiness for the ocean passages that my wife and I are planning. The phone I chose, after much deliberation, was the Iridium 9555. I will be posting my impressions of this phone and the real experiences and costs  of using it soon, but this post is simply about the fact that Iridium sell you a £1,000 phone – but they do not supply a mounting bracket so you can actually mount it securely!

I think this is a really disappointing omission. I realise they want to sell the mounting kit

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Navionics Chart Updates

I must be getting slow..those senior moments are becoming my normal state!

I recently bought two Navionics charts for my brand new Raymarine hybrid touch e125 chart plotter (…more posts on that to come…)

Somehow I didn’t realise that I am eligible for chart updates for 1 year. There is an app to install on your PC that gives you access to your charts on the PC as well as on the chart plotter – duh.

Navionics have cleverly wrapped this offer up within the requirement to open an “account” in their online store. Once you download the

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