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We have started a new blog about the new "Enterprise" here.

The first boat that we owned was a lovely 32ft Compromis 999.

We sailed this very well built Dutch boat for 8 years. She is very spacious and she has a touch of old world charm about her.

I guess we were spoiled, not only by the Dutch build quality, but also because she was very safe and forgiving. We sailed her extensively in the English Channel and it was the experiences we had with "Enterprise" that lead us to believe that we could – perhaps – go further afield. So in the summer of 2011, we sold "Enterprise" and her new owners continue the fun with their own blog here.

Although I did extensive research into what type of blue water boat to buy, in preparation for a circumnavigation – I must have been deeply influenced by the design of the Compromis 999 because in September 2011 we bought a Moody 44.

It really is in many respects a bigger version of our first boat. To celebrate our new boat, while also showing respect for our old one, we have renamed the Moody 44, "Enterprise"!

We have started a new blog about the new "Enterprise" here.

Destination Arrival
1 Brighton, UK 15 July, 2012
2 Dartmouth, UK 13 July, 2012
3 Baiona, Spain 6 July, 2012
4 Sines, Portugal 3 July, 2012
5 Lagos, Portugal 26 June, 2012
6 Sines, Portugal 25 June, 2012
7 Oeiras, Portugal 23 June, 2012
8 Peniche, Portugal 22 June, 2012
9 Figueira de Foz, Portugal 20 June, 2012
10 Povoa de Varzim, Portugal 17 June, 2012
11 Baiona, Spain 14 June, 2012
12 Falmouth, UK 4 June, 2012
13 Plymouth, UK 26 May, 2012
14 Gosport, UK 11 February, 2012
15 Brighton, UK 8 October, 2011
16 Plymouth, UK 7 October, 2011


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