Passage Planning

Following my previous post on Passage Planning I received a number of requests for copies of the passage planning documents that I use. So I thought I would post them here to make it easy to just download them. Just click on the icons below.

Excel Icon1. EXCEL doc – a template and guide to the passage planning process. Inside this workbook there are the following worksheets:

a. Passage Planning Process (for complete novices)
b. Yacht Data Sheet – its becoming a real chore in Europe to carry all these documents and information with your all the time.
c. Departure Checklist – a bit like a flight check list before you “take off”
d. Passage Planning Template – for when the electronics all fail (and the backup) and you forget the vital information that seemed so easy and obvious before you set off!

Word Icon2. WORD doc – a copy of a typical set of weather and tide information that I would take with me . The URL’s take you to the UK sites that I use, but you can easily swap these for your own locale. I just copy and paste (right click on images and copy and paste) into the WORD tables and re-size so they fit on A4. Then I print them and put them in a Nyrex clear plastic wallet and binder.

The documents are all editable – so feel free to amend and doctor to your own taste. If you do distribute to friends and club members and so on, I would only ask that the footer is maintained that gives the URL of my blog site.

I would welcome feedback – I am sure you all have other good ideas….


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