Weather Underground New Marine Service Plus ActiveCaptain!

WUN_1WeatherUnderground has created a new sailing and boating section on their website.

Live and historic weather radar is displayed over maps, satellite images, and nautical charts (NOAA vector and raster).

Integrated with the charts and weather radar is every ActiveCaptain marker with all the details, reviews, and hazard comments you've come to depend on.

We've been working with for a while. They asked us how we made our own cruising weather decisions and we showed them the handful of websites that we use – buoyweather, windfinder, passageweather, swellinfo, magicseaweed, etc.

What WeatherUnderground wanted to do was create a single place where all of this data could be integrated together along with ActiveCaptain to provide the information in context for the places boaters were going.

This capability was just announced by WeatherUnderground.


  • Weather Underground and ActiveCaptain


WeatherUnderground serves a lot of people every day. Alexa rates them as the 151st largest website in the entire United States. They don't have a server like ActiveCaptain has. They have a farm of them. We can handle about 5,000 users every day. They handle upwards of 1 million users during that same period. So integrating with them had to be done in a special way because they could easily swamp our server in the first hour of availability.

ActiveCaptain worked out the technology needed to replicate our data on-the-fly to use a small amount of resources on our server while making the full ActiveCaptain data available to millions of people simultaneously. It's been working for the last couple of months and you haven't even noticed it.

Having such a large site, always available, and adding new types of data is a huge advantage to the boating community. There is the obvious advantage of many more boaters contributing to the ActiveCaptain data and the slick new capability of integrating our data with the WeatherUnderground data. But in addition, this relationship brings their massive data and computing capabilities to bear providing an unparalleled additional free source for the ActiveCaptain knowledgebase. You now have complete access to every review and every detail on either our website or WeatherUnderground.

Providing ways that the entire boating community can access and contribute to the knowledgebase has been what has made ActiveCaptain successful. It is what has given ActiveCaptain the critical mass of data and reviews that makes the knowledgebase useful. It's having the community, you, with easy access in a variety of environments that wins. And we've learned that there is no better community than the boaters who are using ActiveCaptain today. And now that data will remain free and always available.

To try the new section on WeatherUnderground you'll have to enter your ActiveCaptain email and password to log on in order to access the ActiveCaptain part – you'll see.

  •   Weather Underground and Marinas

If you're a marina, the WeatherUnderground announcement effects you too.

With the ActiveCaptain data available on such a large site with so many new users, other non-cruising boaters will now start to see your information as they make their travel plans. Whether it's an afternoon out on the bay, a weekend off to a new place, or a cruise for an entire season, every boater will use this new weather section to access your facility's data. Make sure it is correct. Keep your fuel price current because dayboaters, especially, use that information. We have some important changes coming in 2013 with fuel pricing and some new capabilities that boaters will use. Start keeping your price information correct or it will cost you business.

We have an entire guide to help marinas get the most out of ActiveCaptain.

If you want to attract more boaters, you need to read the guide to learn how to take advantage of all the services available. It's easy and now is the time to get involved:

  • Weather Underground and other services


The WeatherUnderground marine service also displays current wind, wave, and tide information along with predictions.

The wave predictions are quite nice putting height, direction, and period all together on a scrollable display.

The best example of this date being animated is currently the MagicSeaweed site – but WeatherUnderground are a force to be reckoned with. It will be interesting to see how their offering develops over time









We'll write more about WeatherUnderground in the future. There's a lot of new things there. For now, try it out. Send them feedback (not us) about their site.

They want to hear from you and are dedicated to making their new boating section incredible.

They want to provide the information you need and have the weather and meteorologists on staff to help.


By Jeff Seigel

Guest Author & Founder of ActiveCaptain



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